Balancing Act

I suck at balance. For the majority of my adult life I’ve spent a large amount of my time on my career and career related activities. The idea of investing time in things that are not directly related to my career seemed counterproductive. So it’s probably not surprising to find that I am someone who’s burnt out pretty often.  (Trust me, when it happens it becomes a massive problem.)


I’m 30 now; I’ve moved out of home,  I’m eating better, exercising more, keep a gratitude journal, meditate every now and then… I keep a budget that I try to stick to, I try new things like pole dancing, schedule quality time with my SO and family and I make a fairly good attempt to keep ‘work’ at ‘work’ both physically and psychologically.


That being said, I still experience burn out. This can’t continue.


I suppose that’s why I’m writing this blog – I want a place to document my story about improving my health, fitness, relationships and my environment so that I can be happier and more productive person.

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