Books with Strange Plots

I’ve read two books with strange synopsis. Yangzhe Choo’s “The Night Tiger” centered around trying to reunite a dead man with his amputated finger while A.J. Pearce’s “Dear Mrs Bird” is set in the midst of London during the bombing raids in World War 2 and centres around a girl who is secretly responding to people’s mail in the women’s weekly against the express wishes of the editor.

I think I am drawn to both these stories because their synopsis’ are so odd, but I am fascinated at how just having a simple goal can really tie the story together. It never occurred to me that a story doesn’t need lofty goals such as “saving the world”, “find love” or “solve a murder” to say something meaningful

In fact, the simpler the goal it seems the easier it is to connect and relate to the characters and the more invested and upset you become when something takes a turn for the worst. I’m going to try this in my own writing.

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